Business Tax Consulting

Let Us Help You With Your Taxes.

Our Professionals can Complete Your Company’s Taxes Accurately and With as Many Legal Deductions and Credits as Possible

Tax time can be a stressful time for most businesses. Trying to navigate through deductions and credits to ensure your business gets the lowest legal tax rate possible takes up to date knowledge of the current tax laws as well as experience with how to record your details. Our professionals can provide expert company tax advice and service at tax time and throughout the year to provide accurate, low-rate tax returns. Call us today at (214) 382-2964 to set up your complimentary initial consultation and learn how a tax consultant in Dallas, TX can help your business prepare the best tax return possible.


Benefits of Using A Tax Consultant

The fact is, incorrect tax preparation can end up costing you and your business thousands of dollars in fines and back fees, while at the same time hindering new business. Incorrect filing procedure or filing incorrect forms are the leading causes of tax deficiency and audit in businesses and can mean closed doors for some. Professional tax consultants stay up to date on all tax information and law changes to ensure they provide accurate advice. They can help navigate through the specific forms that should coincide with the specific type and structure of business you own, and can even provide guidance on acceptable deductions and credits. Tax advisors can also assist with quarterly taxes and payments to ensure your company’s taxes are paid on time and accurately, preventing audits and other blowbacks.

More Than Just A Tax Advisor

The R Moon Consulting tax professionals in Dallas, TX work diligently to ensure your taxes are always completed accurately and in a timely manner by providing comprehensive service that covers all accounts. Our experts can provide services for:

Professional Tax Consulting

Our Professionals Provide Experienced and Thorough Tax Prep.

  • Evaluation of accounting and payroll records, as well as previous tax records 
  • Complete discussion of your tax options, including handling investments, deductions, and credits.
  • Correct and accurate advisement and verification of current and past tax returns
  • Guidance and support for new business structure set up and tax reporting
  • Timely and complete quarterly tax advisement, preparation, and filing
  • Creating accurate shareholder and investor reports

Our professionals can even provide financial services such as cash management coaching and cash flow analysis which applies healthy tracking and record keeping habits to ensure tax time goes smoothly.

When it’s tax preparation time for your business, call our experts to provide experienced, comprehensive financial and tax consultant service in Dallas, TX that keeps your business legal and in the black. Call (214) 382-2964 today to schedule your tax consultation and see how our professionals can make tax time easier for everyone involved.