Price and Estimation Analysis

The main reason most companies lose profit is due to inaccurate pricing. Don’t let your business lose money because of incorrect pricing and project estimation. Our professionals can deliver the tools you need to make correct estimates and offer accurate prices for optimal profit in every situation.

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Find Out How to Perform Accurate Estimation and Cost Analysis for Maximum Benefit.

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How Can Price Analysis Help You?

There are multiple ways pricing and estimation play into your profit margin. First, a company must have an accurate estimation of projects and jobs including all direct and indirect costs. Often, inexperienced or unknowledgeable employees are left to make estimations which can lead to underbidding and underestimated profit. Secondly, the pricing schedule must stay as uniform as possible throughout the sales and completion process. This should include minimal fluctuation between the original price and actual sales price. Many times, sales associates will offer discounts or other lower pricing options in order to make the sale. While this is a good tactic, when not used appropriately, it can cost your business thousands in profit loss. Estimation and price analysis in Dallas, TX can highlight areas of strength and weakness and help lay a roadmap for higher profit.

A Comprehensive Plan to Maximize Profit

R Moon Consulting offers specialized, comprehensive plans that not only uncover your pricing habits but also deliver tools for creating change within your company and continuously evaluating the progress.

Let Our Experts Provide Ways to Maximize Your Profit Through Accurate Pricing

Let Our Experts Provide Ways to Maximize Your Profit Through Accurate Pricing

Our experts will work with you to gather and analyze data from previous sales and estimations along with current competitor and industry pricing to find out exactly where your business stands. We will create an estimation and sales plan that helps your team grow and develop better pricing and estimation habits for continued success. Our professionals will detail every cost that should be considered, along with accurate ways to record and track your profits to ensure you are always maximizing your profits. We will work with your entire team, creating programs that help mentor and redirect thinking for lasting change in your company.

If your business isn’t bringing in as money as you think it should be, incorrect estimation and pricing could be to blame. Let our experts complete an in-depth estimation and pricing analysis for your Dallas, TX business, and offer realistic direction on ways you can immediately begin to increase your profits. Call us today to schedule your free initial consultation at (214) 382-2964.