Payroll Management

Payroll is one of the most important, and one of the most exhaustive components of business success. From new and constantly changing regulations to overtime and garnishments, your payroll tasks can often get complicated and messy. Our professionals can provide realistic solutions that are easy to understand and apply to ensure your payroll process is smooth and efficient.

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Common Payroll Problems

As your company gains new employees, payroll management can become a difficult task. Many issues can arise when time or employee information is not recorded or used correctly. These issues can quickly lead to employee dissatisfaction or even legal trouble.

Employee Classification Errors

To manage payroll effectively, it’s important to accurately record the type of employee during the hiring process. Temporary, contract, and freelance employees may require different tax deductions, separate benefit deductions, and other dissimilarities that can cause major hangups in payroll.

Overtime Management

Overtime becomes a problem when not figured or paid correctly. Overtime requires optimal pay, usually 1.5 percent of regular pay rate. When these standards are not met, legal or disciplinary action can quickly fall on your company. Overtime is also a problem when too much is given and cuts into projected profits. Appropriate time and employee management are essential to prevent these types of situations and manage payroll accurately.

Inaccurate Time Records

When your strategy for recording employee time breaks down, it’s inevitable that your payroll system will too. It’s essential to your business to have a reliable, accurate program in place for recording employee time for accurate payment.

Improper Garnishment Processing

Garnishment records are vital to your company and its employees. Some employees may have child support, alimony, or other garnishments that are required to be withheld from their regular pay. Not completing this step of the payroll process accurately can not only land your company in hot water but also cause major legal trouble for your employee.

Let Our Professionals Help YOu Establish Ways to Manage Your Payroll Effectively.

Let Our Professionals Help You Establish Ways to Manage Your Payroll Effectively.

To ensure your payroll is timely, professional, and accurate, our professionals will evaluate your current payroll process and offer realistic procedures for improvement. We will develop and help to implement new procedures and processes to manage payroll in Dallas, TX that helps eliminate mistakes and minimize work hours. We will also develop training and coaching programs for involved employees to promote new ideas and ways of thinking that create positive and lasting change in your company. Call (214) 382-2964 to schedule your consultation when you need new ways to manage payroll for your Dallas, TX business.