Bio & Accomplishments

Ed’s career focuses on helping companies cope in a changing business environment. He specializes in ways to improve sales, operations and product and service quality. Ed works with business owners and senior management to review their business practices and make the changes needed to improve overall profits. As a senior business analyst, operations engineer and experienced project manager, he performs many types of services – everything from developing business plans to direct sales and marketing.

Ed has worked in a wide variety of industries and has a complete understanding of what it takes to make a business successful. He has authored several books that he uses in training and consulting projects, including “Effective Leadership,” “Business Analysis” and “Business to Business Sales.” These books are part of his trademarked series entitled Never Look Where They Point, a problem-solving philosophy that has served him well over the years.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Training and Coaching
  • Management Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Business Engineering


“Your insights and observations during the weeks we have spent together have allowed me to look at what I really want in my business, and what I want to pass on to my sons. In addition, I have seen an amazing shift in their level of interest and engagement. It has been truly rewarding to see. I want to take the opportunity to thank you.”

Michael Swinson
MSW Producing

“I highly recommend Ed Warmus for business consulting. He is a wise man with many years of experience to draw from. He is a good listener and has a knack for zeroing in on strategic solutions. He came into my business and helped me identify untapped markets in the public sector and designed a sales strategy to build new business.”

J.T. Taylor
Team Building USA

“Ed’s “fresh eye” approach to root cause analysis uncovers not only the operational aspects of the business that need adjustment but how well the individuals of the organization fit and function in their roles. His comprehensive understanding and specific recommendations for maximizing the potential of Texas Stress has resulted in increased efficiency overall and a more positive and fulfilling workday for our team. The time and attention Ed put into helping me build our marketing strategy laid the groundwork for accelerating our growth. His patience and encouragement for me as I worked in uncharted waters not only for myself but also for our company was no less than remarkable.”

Melissa Crutcher
Texas Stress, Inc

“Ed Warmus helped us in several ways, analyzing the business from the ground up and implementing changes to improve communication and coordination. They recommended personnel changes, defined each person’s role and provided a structure that resulted in dramatic improvement from the way we were doing business. This project had many benefits, which we are still realizing long after work completion. Excellent consulting approach, results-oriented and highly recommended.”

Josh Feferman, Managing Partner
Primary Media Outdoor Advertising