Productive New Sales Development

Hiring a new sales team member can be a risky endeavor in any industry. Can your new hire perform the way they say they can? Will they be an asset to your company? R Moon Consulting can eliminate the unknowns and help your new sales hire to be successful from the very first day by creating customized sales coaching for your Dallas, TX business.

Receive Sales Development to Take Your Business Higher

Get the Most From Every Member of Your Sales Team With Comprehensive Training and Coaching.

We will discuss your team’s sales goals, pitches, and record keeping, and create a plan for customized sales coaching that can be applied to your entire sales team. Call (214) 382-2964 to discuss your options for sales coaching in Dallas, TX with a professional business consultant today.

What is Sales Coaching?

In order to get the most from your sales team, some company leaders opt for sales coaching. This technique applies sales tactics and skills to real teaching and learning opportunities. Sales coaching provides on the spot learning and practice that can create a stronger, more knowledgeable sales team. Your team will learn proper tracking and follow up skills, as well as conversational layouts and guides that create positive outcomes. Your sales coach will observe your sales team including cold call research techniques, reach out skills, conversational focus, and asking for the sale. We also analyze sales record keeping, tracking, and follow up to ensure that every reach out counts. We deliver on the spot training and guidance so your team can immediately apply new techniques with guided practice. To learn more about the benefits of sales coaching throughout the Dallas, TX area, call our business experts at (214) 382-2964 to set up a complimentary introductory consultation.

The Dynamics of Sales Coaching

Our professionals have decades of productive sales and leadership experience and will work with your team to create a sales plan that is productive and profitable for everyone involved.

Sales Coaching

Get the Most From Every Member of Your Sales Team With Comprehensive Training and Coaching.

We build sales plans that can be used for new hires as well as seasoned professionals to teach or refresh business and sales ideas. Our business professionals will create a personalized, comprehensive sales coaching plan that not only includes skill presentation and guided practice, but also presents ideas and theories such as sales ethics, creative listening, and the dynamic sales approach. We will deliver a bigger picture of sales relativity to the company and present benchmarks and tasks that create loyalty and brand knowledge throughout your team. We will discuss options such as executive mentoring plans to deliver shadowing and environmental experiences for your team, and we can provide planning for leadership and team coaching to help empower your team as a productive unit within your company. When profit matters, our professionals can create a plan that covers both vetting and refresher sales coaching for your Dallas, TX team that boosts profits, morale, and company loyalty.

Your sales team is the foundation of incoming funds for your company. Provide your team members with the most comprehensive training possible. Call (214) 382-2964 to schedule your free initial consultation and learn how your sales team can benefit from sales coaching in Dallas, TX.